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Frequently Asked Questions


This page offers a brief guide to some of the most frequently asked questions about funeral services.


Who should I call when a death occurs?


If a death occurs call Hanson's Arbor Funeral Chapels at 1-800-275-1202, the family and close friends of the deceased. Later, call the employer, school, college or other institution if any.


Why have a funeral... what purpose does it serve?


A funeral is a ceremony to mark a person's death. It is a custom for the living to show respect for the dead. For those who are left behind  the funeral service provides a place for family and friends to gather, support each other and say goodbye. It is an opportunity to celebrate the life and accomplishments of a loved one.


A funeral is an important first step in the grieving - healing journey.


Can I choose what I want done with my remains while I'm alive?


Yes. Planning your own funeral in advance is the best way to ensure that your wishes are followed. Just as you plan your will you should plan and prepare instructions for your final disposition. Click here for more information.


If a death occurs while traveling out of province can Hansons' still help me?


Yes.  We can make all  the  necessary arrangements, on your behalf,  with a funeral provider in  the area where the death took place. We can help you transfer the remains to another province, to another country or from another country back home to Canada.


Will life insurance pay for the funeral?


Yes, if the type of life insurance was specifically funeral insurance. Most funeral homes will allow for an insurance assignment.


However, the executor or next of kin is ultimately responsible for settling the funeral service account at the timeof the arrangements. The person who pays the funeral services account may then request their reimbursement from the estate or primary beneficiary of the policy. It's a good idea to speak with your funeral and insurance provider well in advance to discover what your insurance policy may be applied to and what will not be allowed.


Why embalming?


Embalming helps  to preserve the body,  minimize  the decomposition process and enhances a  body's appearance that may be disfigured by trauma or illness.


Embalming has a long and cross-cultural history. It is not a requirement of law in Canada; however, most provinces require embalming when a death has occurred from a contagious disease or when a body is to be transported, by common carrier, from one province, state or country to another.


Is a funeral or memorial service always held in a funeral home or place of worship?


No. A service can usually be arranged at a location that family and friends feel would be most comfortable and appropriate. Your funeral director can assist you with arranging a meaningful service.


Does the price I receive from the funeral home include everything?


Not always. The Funeral Director is responsible for explaining all the charges that  specifically pertain to the  funeral home's services and  the merchandise sold, as stated on its  general price list.  Additional charges may fall under the category of cash advances.  These additional charges might  be for opening and closing the grave, clergy honorarium, newspaper notices, flowers, organist or some other special request.


Are funerals expensive?


Not necessarily. Prices can vary between funeral homes depending on the type of funeral service and merchandise you purchase. Talk to the funeral director making the arrangements about your concerns and additional options that may be available for your particular situation.  It can be a challenge to shop around for a funeral service at the last minute so you may want to speak with Hansons' ahead of time to plan a service that meets your needs and fits your budget.


Is it alright to have a viewing and not a service?


Yes, if it is the wish of the family. In such a case the funeral director will arrange designated times for a viewing/visitation, simply add to the online obituary notice that services will be private or at the convenience of the family. This information will make it clear to the public as to the arrangements and fulfill the wishes of the family.


How can I personalize a funeral service?


There are many ways to personalize a funeral service. Your  funeral director can assist you with arranging meaningful choices. One way might be to bring a personal item/items into the funeral home to be displayed in or near the casket. For example, an avid golfer might have a favorite putter placed in the casket; an avid hunter or fisherman might have some of their personal fishing or hunting gear placed in the casket; a potter, writer, musician or artist might have some of their work displayed on a memory table.


Do clergy always officiate at a funeral service?


No. In place of clergy it is appropriate for the Celebrant, a family member or a friend, to share personal thoughts, memories and feelings about the deceased as part of the service.


Is a funeral or memorial service always held in a funeral home or place of worship?


No. A service can usually be held at any location that family and friends feel would be comfortable and appropriate. Your funeral director can assist with arranging a meaningful service.


If you have a question that is not answered here - ask the funeral provider:


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